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Aircraft Management

Benefit from a tailor-made service from the planning phase through to all operational elements. Our full-service aircraft management is as hands-on as each client requires.

Through a dedicated and personalised service, we can assess and advise on the best location to register an aircraft for its operation, for taxation purposes or to fit into existing ownership structures.

Ensuring your safe transportation is our ultimate objective, along with preserving the asset we have been entrusted with.

Airworthiness & Maintenance

As an EASA endorsed Continued Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO), what sets us apart from the competitors is our ability to schedule work around your busy lifestyle.

We take full responsibility for all aspects of your aircraft’s airworthiness and maintenance scheduling, ensuring it continues to operate reliably, efficiently and safely at all times.

Completion Supervision

We understand how the industry works and know the best routes to ensure suppliers and manufacturers deliver each aircraft in a timely fashion, cost effectively and to the highest possible standard.

We have the technical knowledge and industry expertise to oversee green aircraft deliveries, aircraft completion and retrofit projects from design through to delivery and operation.

Because our team understands that the interior finish is one of the most important aspects of private aviation, we provide complete support and attention to detail so you can benefit from the comfort and state-of-the-art luxury you expect.

Entry Into Service Support

We offer the very best technical and operational support, either on a temporary or longer-term basis to suit each client’s needs, operational performance requirements or the capabilities of the aircraft.

On behalf of our clients, we liaise with aviation authorities and safety regulators worldwide to establish all necessary documentation and approvals.

Working closely with manufacturers and customers, we ensure a smooth handover from start to finish.

Technical Authoring

Our experience ranges from private operations in unfamiliar territories to commercial European operators unfamiliar with particular aircraft types or without the resource or time to produce the required documentation.

We provide expertly created operating manuals that are unique to each aircraft and its specific operation, completed to the highest industry standards and approved by the relevant aviation authorities.


Our auditing processes represent the interests of all parties invested in an aircraft, providing highly accurate reviews of financial data, operational performance and maintenance records.

We provide trusted third party audits for owners seeking independent reassurance that their operators are managing their aircraft correctly and efficiently.

For investors or banks involved in the financing of aircraft, we offer an audit service for new or existing financial arrangements.

Aircraft Management

Who we are

We felt so strongly that there was a growing need for an aviation company that strives for consistency and long-term results. Therefore we formed Jetology and its subsidiary companies to facilitate our vision.

The team is derived from likeminded professionals who have chosen to be part of Jetology, that collectively form a comprehensive range of skills, holding significant experience and expertise in the operation of ultra-long range heavy jets.

Passion is our driving force, and motivation is the enhancement of our already solid reputations.

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United Kingdom



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